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Puyang Selfaiding Industrial Co., Ltd(abbr. Selfaiding)
Since our company was established in 2016, we had been devoting ourselves to new product development. Now we owned two international advanced computerized compound machines, two computerized multi-needle quilting machines and one advance calendaring machine. Our products can be washable over 150 times under 90 degree, and meet EN71 and ASTM963-96 standard. Also our factory is registered in US FDA(Registration Number:3007791604).SELFAIDING, PETSTORY & QUEENHE are our own trademarks.
Recognition Of Our Customers
This adult care product is truly outstanding, providing me with all-day protection and comfort. Its powerful moisture absorption keeps me feeling dry and confident throughout busy workdays. Moreover, the product is designed with consideration for comfort and privacy, allowing me to enjoy life without worrying about inconvenience.
Alexander Brown
Verified Purchase
I can't speak highly enough of this baby care product. It's extremely gentle, suitable for the sensitive skin of babies, and free from harmful substances, giving me complete peace of mind. The product is designed with the baby's comfort in mind, with a good fit that doesn't cause discomfort. This brand has become my trusted choice, providing the best care for my little one.
Alexander Brown
Verified Purchase
This pet care product is truly tailored for our furry companions. Its enticing scent keeps pets calm during grooming. Additionally, the product's natural and harmless ingredients prevent irritation to the pet's skin. I've found it to be highly effective in both cleaning and nourishing, keeping my pet's coat shiny and soft. Overall, this pet care product is a must-have for our furry friends in the household.
Noah Kim
Verified Purchase
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