Puyang Selfaiding Industrial Co., Ltd

We focus on the development of care products to make care easier

Company Profile

Puyang Selfaiding Industrial Co., Ltd(abbr. Selfaiding)

Company Profile


Queenhe was founded

At the beginning of its establishment, there are only two employees worked at an about 70sqm office. The main product lines are washable underpads and adult bibs.


Queenhe moves into new offices

the employees reached 8 persons


Queenhe moves into larger offices and sets up her own factory (Selfaiding).

For now

our factory has more than 80 workers, and the main product lines include Adult care products, Baby care products and Pets care products.

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Since our company was established in 2016, we had been devoting ourselves to new product development. Now we owned two international advanced computerized compound machines, two computerized multi-needle quilting machines and one advance calendaring machine. Our products can be washable over 150 times under 90 degree, and meet EN71 and ASTM963-96 standard. Also our factory is registered in US FDA(Registration Number:3007791604).SELFAIDING, PETSTORY & QUEENHE are our own trademarks.

Puyang Selfaiding Industrial Co., Ltd.

a professional manufacturer of care products for Adults, Babies and Pets in China.

Industry experience


Industry experience

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Our Certificate
One-stop purchasing service
ODM/OEM Service


Small batch customiztion
Professional design team
Fast delivery



Small batch wholesale
Fast delivery
Free samples



Free storge up to 6 months
Low shipping cost
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sale Service
Before-sale Service

Our before-sale service includes, but no limit following:

1. Providing free professional product consultation

2. Providing free professional Amazon FBA beginner guide

3. Providing free existing product samples(less 3 pcs)

4. Providing free product design service

5. Providing free product customized service

6. New idea/product improvement and development service

Middle-sale Service

Our middle-sale service includes, but no limit following:

1. Providing low quantity OEM service

2. Providing free packing design service

3. Providing free professional logistics service

4. Providing customs declaration and clearance services

5. For Amazon beginner, providing one package service

After-sale Service

1. Since order is shipped out, we will provide free continuous tracking service.

2. If there are any quality problems with our products, we will return or exchange them for you within one year after you receive orders.

3. If you have any complaints about our products or services, please send them to our complaint email: [email protected] and we will give you a satisfying answer.