How to wash menstrual underwear?

Washing pants during menstruation:

Due to the characteristics of the fabric, after the pants are stained during the menstrual period, the dirt will not penetrate into the fabric fibers, so it is very easy to clean. When washing, you can first soak it in clean water with a neutral or weakly alkaline underwear cleaner, and then rub it slightly, so that there will be no trace of dirt. It should be noted that in order to prevent the aging of the impermeable coating and polymer film, and to extend the life of the pants during menstruation, you should also avoid direct sunlight when drying, and avoid the use of various types of bleaching agents.

1. Wash with cold water or warm water below 30 degrees, do not use hot water.

2. Don't use bleach, use general neutral detergent.

3. Wash separately from other clothes. The best way is to gently rub and wash with your hands. Avoid using the washing machine as much as possible.

4. Do not use the dryer.