How should I choose a mattress protector?

To answer this question, you need to ask another question-what is most important to your sleep and mattress life?


For those with children, you may prioritize safety protection against accidents (no more removal of unidentified sticky substances). For those who are seasonally sensitive, hypoallergenic coverings will bring peace to your sleep.


It is important to consider all mattress protector options when shopping:


Waterproof-a priority for most bed owners, and for good reason. We recommend waterproof mattress protectors. Otherwise, any spillage could at least mean annoying cleaning or at most a damaged mattress. We don't know you, but buying a new mattress too early does not sound like the ideal situation. With a mattress protector, you can sleep at ease because your mattress will definitely be covered.


Cleaning ability-Some sleepers like organic materials because of their sensitivity and eco-friendliness, but may wonder how to clean the mattress protector without affecting its structure. For regular or emergency cleaning, organic mattress protectors may not be so easy to clean. Always consider machine wash and dryer compatibility.

Temperature and airflow-sweat when you think of sleeping more? Some mattress covers have thermodynamic or sweat-absorbing materials for ultimate breathability—that is, you will stay cool all night. If your temperature tends to be high, please pay attention to this factor. If breathability is important to you, you may want to consider our breathable mattress protector, which allows air to flow easily between you and the mattress.

Comfortable in the bedroom, squeaking, rubbing and itching are not desirable. Your mattress protector should improve your sleep comfort, not lower it. Choose materials that suit your skin, body, and sensitivity.