Six tips for summer health

 1. To develop a good habit of taking a lunch break.

As the summer is relatively hot, sleeping at night can easily lead to insomnia. If the night is short and the day is long, the human body’s metabolism is relatively vigorous. It is necessary to develop a good habit of taking a lunch break at noon. If conditions allow, it is best to maintain a nap of about one hour, so that it can be used. The body is effectively relaxed and rested to ensure the mental state in the afternoon


2. Replenish water in time.

In the hot summer, the human body needs to perspire continuously to lower the body temperature. If perspiration is constantly perspiring, you naturally need to replenish water in time. You can choose fruits that clear away the heat, such as watermelon, Sydney, etc.; whether you are away or at home, Drink water at all times to avoid heatstroke caused by lack of water.


3. Avoid direct air-conditioning.

Some people just come home or office from the outside, because it is too hot, they like to stand under the air conditioner and blow directly; in fact, due to the large temperature difference between inside and outside, doing so can easily cause headaches, even colds; especially children’s bodies It is more fragile, and adults should pay more attention to catching a cold if they are not careful.


4. Don't drink water too quickly.

It is easy to get thirsty outside in summer, especially when the thirst is particularly strong. Some people will gulp gully when they see water or drinks. In fact, it is easy to cause palpitation or nausea, because drinking water too quickly will increase the burden on the heart, and dilute the blood concentration, resulting in insufficient blood supply; instead, you should take a small sip, then rest, sit, and then slow down. Drink slowly.


5. Do not sit on open-air wooden benches.

In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high. Some open-air wooden stools are often exposed to rain and sun, and they contain a lot of water. Especially after a rain, the wooden stools on the surface are exposed to the sun, and the wooden stools on the surface are actually exposed to the sun. When people sit up with damp heat, some problems such as joint pain or rheumatic pain sometimes occur.


6. Do not eat too much cold food or drink.

Cold eating and drinking in summer is believed to be one of the favorite and most popular ways of relieving heat in many people; however, such eating habits are not good for the body, and the body temperature is relatively high, especially in the stomach and intestines, which will be stimulated by cold food and cold drinks. The speed of peristalsis affects digestion, and severe cases can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.