Three suggestions to help you choose a pet carrier

When it comes to picking the right pet carrier, there are three primary areas of consideration—safety, comfort, and ease of use. While most will check all three boxes, it’s important to do your homework to ensure the pet carrier you pick provides the very best in all three categories. Keeping your pet safe while traveling is of utmost importance. When choosing a pet carrier, be sure it’s designed with a wide, sturdy base so it can’t tip as your pet moves and shifts her weight around. Make sure all doors and openings are securely latch to keep your pet safely contained. And be sure the carrier you choose has plenty of ventilation. This is particularly important for nervous pets who may anxiously pant while contained in their carrier.


You’ll also want to be sure your pet is comfortable while contained. Some are soft pet carriers that your pet will love cozying up against. Others are hard-sided pet carriers made with wire or plastic, adding rigidity, but cutting down on comfort. Whether made of hard or soft materials, a soft pet mat can make all the difference. Look for a pet carrier with a mat. Or if you’d rather choose your own pet mat, purchased separately, be sure to select one that fits well so it can’t shift as your pet moves about.


Be sure to choose a pet carrier that will be easy for you to use based on your needs. Some carriers feature multiple doors on the front, sides, or even on top, making it easy for your pet to enter and exit no matter how they’re placed. Many soft designs are pre-approved for carry-on pet travel carriers, ensuring you get to your destination without issue. There are backpack-style pet carriers that are great when you need to carry your pet hands-free. And pet carriers with extra pockets are perfect for storing pet treats and food, or even your wallet, phone, or other belongings.


When choosing your pet carrier, be sure it’s safe, comfortable, and easy to use for years of fun, trip after trip. We offer other great products that make traveling with your pup easier including pet seat belts, pet car seat covers, pet car seats, pet steps and ramps, pet blankets, and furniture covers,  and more. Shop Chewy's online pet store for all your pet supplies.