What Gear Is Best for Walking Big Dogs?

What Gear Is Best for Walking Big Dogs?
Starting with the right gear is crucial in ensuring you all remain safe during the walk. A secure harness that fits well is a very important part of safely walking large dogs.

According to Flynn, selecting a harness that offers two points of connection — one at the dog's chest, and one at the base of their shoulder blades or upper back — affords you additional control over larger pups. However, there are other types of harnesses and walking aids to consider that can help you keep these walks safe and comfortable for your dog. Take time to try a few on and if possible, have your pup fitted for one at your local pet supply store.

How to Avoid an Accidental Escape
Even if you're walking your pet with the appropriate harness and you've both gone through leash and obedience training, your big dog may still break free from your grip. Accidents happen, after all.

Flynn emphasized that the best way to avoid these accidental escapes is double-checking that the harness or collar is appropriately sized and fitted to your dog. Additionally, he said, "The best thing to do to avoid that horrible panicked feeling that happens when you see your beloved dog running toward traffic, off leash, is to train your dog to have an excellent recall so that when the crazy situation occurs, your dog comes right back to you."

Walking multiple big dogs, or even just one large dog, doesn't have to be terrifying. With the right training and the proper gear, you can feel confident and relaxed when taking a stroll with your canine companions — no matter their size.