What is a mattress protection cover?

The literal meaning is easy to understand, so it is easy to understand how the protector "protects" your entire mattress. But besides anti-fouling, what else does the mattress cover do?


From waterproof to anti-allergic properties, mattress protection reduces cleaning costs and supports quality sleep. Depending on the material, they can resist many threats to your sleep cycle and mattress integrity. These include but are not limited to:


  • Liquids and stains
  • bed bugs
  • dust mite
  • germ
  • Other allergens
  • sweat
  • overheat

Most sleepers only use the mattress protector as a waterproof barrier to prevent moisture, but don't sell yourself short. Hypoallergenic types, such as our mattress protectors, can improve your overall hygiene and health while maintaining the life of the bed.


our point of view? A well-fitting protection device can be used for many purposes, not just to keep the bed clean and moisture-proof.