What Causes Skin Tags on Dogs?

There are a couple of theories as to what causes skin tags on dogs. For starters, they are seen in every breed and age of dog; however, they are more common in middle-aged to older large and giant breed dogs. Genetics are considered an aspect of what causes skin tags on dogs in cocker spaniels, Poodles and Miniature Schnauzers.

Another cause of skin tags can be due to repetitive trauma to the skin, like when skin folds continually rub against each other or the dog is sleeping on a hard surface. Skin that is repeatedly exposed to crushing trauma, as in when medium to large breed dogs constantly sleep or rest on hard concrete, can become chronically inflamed and result in a skin tag.

Unless they are irritated, skin tags are usually not painful for dogs. Most of the time, they're just a cosmetic issue. Skin tags are not warts, and they do not grow back after they have been surgically removed. Skin tags are also not considered to be contagious and will not spread to other dogs or people in the household.