How often should you clean the mattress protector?

Now that we have answered "Can you machine wash the mattress protector?" (Yes) and "How to clean the mattress protector correctly" (see above), we still need to answer an important question:


How often should I wash the mattress protector?


Generally, you should use a mild detergent to clean the mattress protector every two months, but this depends on how you use it. Consider the following:


Mattress protectors in guest rooms that are not frequently used should be cleaned quarterly.

If you have allergies, try cleaning the mattress protector twice a month to prevent the accumulation of allergens.

If you have just gotten rid of the disease, you should clean the mattress protector as soon as you feel better to help remove excess bacteria from a runny nose or cough.

What if you spilled some late-night ice cream or morning coffee on the bed? Don't wait for the stain to set. Put your mattress and sheets in the washing machine immediately, and choose a gentle cycle setting (just use a paper towel to soak up excess stains in advance).