Which type of adult bib is right for you

How do I determine which type of washable (reusable) adult bib is suitable for me?
1、100% Cotton Terry Cloth – Most popular adult bib sold. This bib will shrink a bit but it is the most popular choice. It will also not last as long as a blended washable adult bib. Generally the lowest cost bib.

Blended Poly/Cotton – This bib will not shrink as much as 100% cotton. It will also wash more times than 100% cotton. Polyester is a man-made material and adds longevity to the cloth.

2、Vinyl Back Waterproof Barrier (many styles) – Some bibs have a Vinyl waterproof back-barrier sewn on them. The benefit to this style of the adult bib is it will not allow liquids to soak through the material and get you wet. Try taking a bath towel and placing it on your lap and spilling a cup of water on the towel. It will leak through and get you wet. The Vinyl in adult bibs normally can be laundered and dried at high temperatures without melting together.

3、100% Polyester – Man-made material. It will last longer in the wash. On the bibs, we have seen it is usually not as absorbent as the cotton alternatives, but it is a nice attractive clothing protector.

4、Flannel (several styles) – These adult bibs generally look nicer than the traditional terry cloth bibs. They add a little style to the bib and it is not as institutional looking. Depending on the style purchased they may have a blended material or be 100% cotton. Most are sewn to a Vinyl back waterproof barrier. As an example, see our Blue Yellow Flannel bib and Flannel bib with crumb catcher.

5、Designer Styles – These bibs may have flower prints or some sort of added design to make the bibs seem more like a fashion statement. Most people do not like to wear an adult bib. Some of the patterns can make wearing a bib a good conversation piece. See our quilted assorted design bibs.

6、Vinyl Only Wipe Down Bib - This bib is a popular alternative. It is made of vinyl-only and can simply be wiped clean. Many people choose this style because it does not have to be laundered.

7、Poly/Cotton Broadcloth Printed - These bibs are often made of a blended broadcloth material and are sewn on a vinyl back barrier. They do not absorb liquid as well as thicker bib-like terry cloth. However, they are much lighter and take less time to dry in the laundry. The pattern on the bibs also hides stains.