Materials and features of menstrual underwear

The anti-seepage principle of physiological underwear is very simple. From the perspective of fabrics, there are two main types of physiological underwear. One is the coating impermeable type, which uses textile post-processing technology to improve the impermeability of the fabric by applying an impermeable coating on the surface of ordinary fabrics; the other It is a waterproof membrane bonding type. Simply put, a layer of physical waterproof polymer plastic membrane is tightly bonded with ordinary textile base materials to give the physiological underwear impermeability. From the appearance point of view, there is not much difference between these two kinds of physiological underwear, but the hand feel is obviously different. The surface-coated physiological underwear is correspondingly thicker, but relatively soft, and the hand feel of the impermeable part is basically the same as that of other parts; waterproof membrane Fit physiological underwear is relatively thin, and it feels "rusty" if you touch it carefully.

Although in general, the breathability of various physiological underwear has been significantly improved compared with previous years, the breathability of the underwear with a waterproof and moisture-permeable membrane is still better, even if it is worn in the midsummer when the weather is muggy, there is no discomfort. Domestic physiological pants made of coated fabrics have low manufacturing costs, but their sweat permeability is poor, and they cannot meet the requirements for close-fitting, which is not good for women's health.

Due to the effect of spandex, lycra and other elastic fibers in the fabric, the physiological underwear is relatively fit, sculpted, and has good elasticity. Generally, it is enough to buy a fit; sometimes in order to satisfy the psychological security, the choice is one to smaller than usual underwear There is no problem with half-size physiological underwear, but you must follow the principle of smaller than big. If it is too loose, the anti-seepage effect of physiological underwear will be compromised.