What are the types of mattress protectors?

 Mattress protectors are usually divided into two factors-fit and material. In general, protectors should not leave an inch of the exposed mattress surface. However, you can consider using several different models to equip your sleeping surface:

1.Package-With a large zipper, the mattress package completely surrounds your mattress. They are slightly difficult to install or remove, but they provide 360-degree protection against all stains, dirt, and bed bugs or mites.

2.Fit-like a fitted sheet, a fitted protective cover covers the top, sides, and part of the bottom of the mattress. Although some exposure is left underneath, the protector installed is a simple stain blocker that is easy to remove.

3.Anchor or elastic band-to provide minimal coverage, these protectors only cover the top of the mattress. Elastic bands on the corners of the mattress secure this single-sided barrier.

Just like a fit, the material of the protective cover will affect the coverage of your mattress and the quality of sleep. 

4. In terms of materials, you have more choices. According to your needs, you can find a series of mattress protectors made of natural and synthetic materials, such as:




Vinyl plastic




Each material has its defining characteristics. Natural options such as cotton and wool are noiseless and can preserve or cool your body temperature. For green-conscious buyers, these materials are usually organic and hypoallergenic.

However, if you want the strongest splash protection, you should look for waterproof protective materials such as vinyl or polyester. We have designed a waterproof mattress protector to prevent accidents and provide a peaceful sleep. Our thermoplastic polyester and spandex create a cool wrinkle-free layer suitable for all bed sizes and mattress depths up to 21 inches. Whether your mattress size is a double bed or a king-size bed, we can provide protection for you and your mattress.